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My name is Bryan Pollock and I can't stop taking pictures. I've tried everything and nothing works. So I've learned not to fight it. Shown here are a few of those pictures.
I have had, until recently, a nutty career as a set designer for theatre in Vancouver B.C. It was/is a lot of fun, certainly creative. I like designing for theatre cause I get to design really big and wacky things with other peoples money. I kind of view them as giant sculptures that people walk around on while pretending they're someone else.

I may go back to set designing someday but for now I've run away to sea. I slipped my mooring lines in 2011 and have been traveling and sailing ever since, Currently (2014) poking around Central America.

I studied classical drawing and painting for ten years. During that time it never occurred to me that it would become a useful skill to have. Hence the slide into set design. A good fit.
When I was doing all this obsessing about line, form, anatomy etc. I was also fooling around with Black and White photography. It seemed like such a logical extension of the drawing.
I think, for me, the drawing was more of a help to the photography than the photography was to the drawing. Drawing the human form is such a wonderful discipline for really learning how to see.
Photography slipped away when I moved onto a sailboat. Its tough to keep a darkroom in such a confined space.

Coincidentally set design and the digital image converged in a very serendipitous sort of way. I needed to document the work and at the same time I saw these big sculptural environments that I could stick people and things in and take pictures of.
Of course it didn't stop there and the picture taking spilled out into the real world. Which brings me back to my earlier confession.
..... that's all, it just brings me to my confession. I'm O.K. with it.

I add stuff to this as things go along. Thanks for looking and if you feel like it, drop me a comment.
Oh yeah! Almost forgot, I like birds, a lot, always have!


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